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I am very pleased with the fast, friendly service as well as the quality of the rings!  Thanks again:)

Nikita / Google

Thank you Alison. My rings are beautiful. They’re so comfortable, I don’t even feel them.

Candice / Facebook

I play rugby, so traditional wedding bands don’t cut it! Great fast service, I got mine in 2 days!

Nathier / Facebook

Silicone Rings Online For Women and Men

Silicone Rings for Men and Women – Safe, Tough, Fashion-Forward

Silicone rings are the hottest new fashion trend, and it’s no surprise. Designed for both men and women, these bands are comfortable and highly durable; but most importantly, they’re incredibly safe! 

Benefits of Choosing our Silicone Rings Online

  • Highly Safe Designs: Accidents can happen in an instant, and metal rings can often lead to serious injuries, like broken fingers or even amputations. Silicone bands are soft and pose no risk of injury, and can stretch up to 3 times its length before snapping. It can withstand up to 16kg of pressure before snapping. Silicone rings are also odorless, hypoallergenic, and non-porous, so there’s no risk of allergic reactions or open pores in the silicone soaking up harmful bacteria. You can wear your silicone ring like you would with any other ring!
  • Never Lose Your Ring: Your engagement or wedding ring holds considerable value, and losing it or almost losing it can be devastating and stressful. But with our silicone rings, you can proudly display your marital status and keep your ring safe and sound.
  • Simple, Trendy Design: Their sporty designs are what made them popular with athletes to begin with, but they’ve become far more than the athlete’s choice. With a wide array of colours and designs, it’s easy to find the perfect silicone ring for you

Can You Use Silicone Rings as Wedding Rings in South Africa?

Yes, not only do they make great substitute rings to wear in place of your engagement ring or wedding ring, but many people in South Africa are choosing to opt for silicone rings as actual engagement rings. Not only are they more affordable, but they’re easily replaceable should they go missing, and they’re highly safe.

Who Should Use Silicone Rings?

We’d argue that anyone can wear silicone rings, but there are some people who’d stand to benefit the most from them. People in the service industry, military, and first responders will love their safety and durability, and how they don’t slip off your finger or snag as you work. They can withstand the abuse from even the toughest of working environments, and you won’t have to worry about finger injuries in work-related accidents.

And of course, they’re popular amongst athletes, gym-goers, and active individuals. They not only look the part, but they’re comfortable and tough too, perfect for anyone on the go.

Browse our collection of silicone rings for men and women to find the perfect silicone ring near you.